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Big Sky should be the first port of call for any company wishing to develop and realise the full potential of their staff. They always exceed expectations and deliver quality and results that permeate through the business, enhancing confidence and effectiveness and ultimately delivering to the bottom line
Ian Haworth, Chairman, and Global Creative Officer, WWAVRC Rapp Collins
We have used Big Sky to help the senior team build gravitas and status and how to hold an audience for big presentations. They helped us prepare for major pitch presentations and delivered 1-2-1 coaching for key individuals. Always delivered in a professional, pleasant and enjoyable manner but more importantly has resulted in a business winning performance for ourselves. I would be happy to recommend.
Gavin Wheeler Joint MD WDMP Advertising
Big Sky are a multi-talented consultants, trainers and inspirational coaches. They have a unique ability to turn mundane new business pitches into works of art. If you want to win a contract tender, they are your team
Rupert Ashe, MD, Video Jug Ltd and Owner, Wall House Consulting
I just wanted to thank you for a really interesting training session, my role has evolved into a PM role in the last 3-6 months and this training will be invaluable for me.
Account Strategist, Google
By far the best course I have ever been on. Great content. Great trainers.
Course participant, Kings College (London)
Big Sky are always our first port of call when it comes to training because they understand that people gain knowledge faster when they are entertained. Big Sky are the market leaders in 'entertrainment'. Their Psychology of Sales training was a huge hit and motivated everyone, but more importantly delivered results!
Lindsay Duthie, Head of Development at ETV
First rate presenters - inspirational communicators, consummate professionals to the core.
Andy Wood, CEO at Eurovision London Limited
Very very engaging, inspirational trainer and a complete expert in this field.
VBSI Creative, MTV
The facilitator was excellent. He maintained a "Googly" attitude and a stimulating and interesting learning environment.
Industry Manager, Google UK
Superb knowledge and feedback. It has given me great confidence.
Commercial Marketing Manager, Nickelodeon
I can attest to Big Sky's trainer's clarity of vision, decisive nature and unique talents for communication. I highly recommend Big Sky.
David G Rose
Former Creative Director Walt Disney International Television, Channel Editor, Nickelodeon
and Producer of Mrs Henderson Presents.
The trainer had vast experience training people from all walks of life. It held my interest and I was engaged for the whole day.
Emerging Markets Executive, MTV
Definitely the most enjoyable and interesting training sessions I have done at Google. The material covered was really relevant to my job and I will be able to apply it immediately.
Account Manager, Google UK
Thank you. Great course. Trainer was excellent.
Commercial Planning and Operations Manager, MTV
It was great to host you here. Your courses were a very well received and a big success. Thank you.
Recruiting Coordinator, Google, Russia
A master class in verbal communication.
The Daily Express
If you want to learn the art and science of communication from the best in the business call Big Sky now . They are masters at helping to develop people's presentation and communication skills to brilliant new levels of ability.
Ainsley Harriott, Presenter and Chef
I have known Paul for over 20 years, both as a friend and a business colleague. I have found him to be extremely reliable, entertaining, creative and in times of need a very good friend. We have worked together for children's charities and he and those he managed to rope in gave there all to make the fund raising events successful. He utilised his skills as an entertainer, song writer and sound businessman. I have great pleasure in recommending Paul and his colleagues at Big Sky to any who wish their, conference, training or business coaching go with a lot of zing - he's a lot of fun too!
Mike Lemmon, Head of Communications at Peterborough City Council
Perfect balance between being taught and doing it yourself
Emerging Markets Executive, MTV
Big Sky are an boundless source of energy and ideas. Tap into them and you'll get everything including the kitchen sink! They have vast media experience and never fail to get his message across to their audience in the most entertaining and motivational fashion. I cannot recommend Paul Boross highly enough as a speaker and trainer - he is the communication expert's expert.
Jon Briggs, Owner, Excellent Voice Company Ltd
Thanks very much for your help on Friday. We blew them away and won the pitch. The client loved our passion and energy which is down to your expert guidance Paul. We also beat XXXX on the NUJ pitch this week, so it feels like we have finally broken our drought on pitches.
Craig Wheeler, Joint MD, WDMP Communications
Thank you for the professionalism and energy you brought to the training. The boost you have given our teams is remarkable. I highly recommend Big Sky to any corporation who want improved performance.
Carolyn Hinsey, Editor, Soap Opera Digest (USA)
Your techniques have a had an almost magical effect on the ability of our pitch team. The improvement in the pitch was remarkable. Thank you and you trainers so much. I highly recommend Big Sky to everyone.
Les Hughes, Managing Partner, STEEL
Paul is a veritable master of all trades. But it is his incarnation as motivational trainer which has left a lasting impression on me. He is able to connect to everyone in a room within seconds. Just watching him win over a group of people through his charisma and clarity was a joy. Paul's a Pitch Doctor who's able to take your format pitch to a new level. He shows techniques to increase the chances of success. And in an industry where every meeting counts Paul provides an invaluable service.
Steve Blame, Former MTV Presenter and Owner 2STV Formats
Paul Boross is an excellent skills coach, amongst many other things, and uses his humour and intuition to help people maximise their ability
Dr. Ayan Panja, BBC TVŐs 'Street Doctor'
I wanted to thank you for a really interesting training session, my role has evolved into a PM role in the last 3-6 months and this training will be invaluable for me.
Account Strategist - Google
Paul Boross is an expert business trainer, dealing in motivational psychology with over 20 years experience in corporate training. Paul is one of the most highly qualified NLP trainers in Europe having trained with Dr. Richard Bandler. Paul specialises in Advanced Business Training and NLP coaching and I strongly recommend his services.
Francis Fitzpatrick, CEO Hibernian American Limited
Paul is a consummate professional with a wonderfully eclectic background. We first met on the influential media advisory committee for Trinity Hospice. The committee is people by the great and the good and Paul greatly aided us raising huge sums of money for a very worthy cause. He brings his wide ranging talents forged by success in the media to bear in every project. Paul is essentially a brilliant communicator who has the ability to impart information and learning to any level of listener from Global CEO to post boy. I highly recommend him and Big Sky.
Nigel Wilson, Co-Owner and FD at Asset Interiors Ltd, Non-Exec FD at Calibre One Ltd.
Paul Boross is a funny, engaging, entertaining personality who communicates clearly and with great enthusiasm. All of the projects I have worked with Paul on have been positive and fruitful experiences. I have known him for a very long time, and can attest to the strength of his character, his work ethic, and his expansive talents. He is a person who rises to any occasion, and exceeds expectations. I cannot recommend him highly enough for any project or endeavor. I look forward to more work with him myself whenever possible. The hand picked team he has put together for Big Sky are the cream of the training and coaching crop. If you want to give your company the edge in business use them now.
Paul Provenza, Director of the hit film The Aristocrats and Owner Spacely Sprockets Inc
The course benefits were excellent. It made me think about and question my current methodology and gave me easy tips on how to improve. The tips on body language were of particular value.
Planner, Draft FCB Advertising
I learned some really important skills and rate the trainer as excellent.
Manager, Google, Netherlands
My overall rating of the programme is excellent. The three most important skills which I learnt are: Positive thinking is key. To focus on what I can do and external presentation.
Industry Analyst, Google
It was great to host you here. Your courses were a very well received and a big success. Thank you.
Recruiting Coordinator Google, Russia
Excellent Course. Excellent Tutor. Thank you.
Account Executive, Mason Zimbler Advertising
Very good workshop. Enjoyed course. Grateful to attend.
M. Gonsalves, IPA
Paul Boross is an immensely accomplished Communication and Time Management trainer. He knows the subject inside out and understands that every great manager needs to slow down sometimes in order to go faster in the long run.
Carl Honore, international bestselling author of 'In Praise of Slow'
Paul Boross is a man who can make you laugh while dramatically changing your life for the better.
The Politics Show, BBC
They take time management techniques they would normally use with sports stars and captains of industry and turn them on ordinary, shambolic people with dramatic and encouraging results.
Radio Times
Executives who have encountered PB and GT as personal advisors using neuro-linguistic programming will be able to see how their technique translates to TV. Speed Up, Slow Down (BBC2) will show them applying to real life what Boross describes as Ňtime and emotion studies.
Financial Times
The battery of tricks and insights that Boross and Thomson use can be almost spooky. In one programme they coach a woman to double her reading speed in just 20 minutes - so quick that the director was worried that the viewers wouldn't believe it.
Radio Times
Speed Up, Slow Down is the latest reality show for our time-poor generation and, barely halfway through itŐs six-week run, is already a huge hit with BBC2 viewers.
The Daily Express
Paul Boross and Garner Thomson are two highflying consultants who have signed up as BBC2's latest presenting double act. They bridle at being called mere life coaches dubbing themselves "personal performance strategists", though "Time Lords" would be more apt.
Radio Times
They (PB and GT) normally work with high-profile figures, but here they start a new series by rescuing hapless single mother Dawn from her domestic swamp.
The Guardian
After spending more than a decade advising big US sports stars and Hollywood celebrities on how to streamline their lives, they're now hoping to change the habits of the great British public.
The Daily Express
Highly Recommended
Daily Mail
Jaw-droopingly simple but fabulously effective
Time Out
I enjoyed the workshop and found Mr. Boross to be witty and intelligent.
Shaun E. Smith, Actor.
Thought the training was excellent. Put over in easy to understand language and not boring with good humour added. Thought provoking and certainly the techniques I have used in the past and they DO WORK.
Jack Ewins, Actor
Many thanks for putting together this NLP workshop. Just to say I thoroughly enjoyed it and I would definitely recommend any aspiring or accomplished actor or performer to take it up if they're considering motivating themselves. For me it was a lot of fun. I think Paul (Boross) delivered a excellent training Well done!
Chris Wright, Actor
Paul Boross is a highly motivated and remarkable NLP trainer, who with his humour and skill enables people to make significant and important changes in their lives. His attitude and ability to adapt to any situation distinguishes him from others. I highly recommend him for his commitment to excellence.
John La Valle - co-author of Persuasion Engineering
I highly recommend Paul Boross. He is continually updating his training with the most up-to-date skills I have developed and one of those licenced internationally through the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Dr Richard Bandler developer of NLP+
Paul Boross is the best Pitch Doctor in the business. Using a combination of his talents and insight to the media industry he will guarantee results.
Lyndsay Duthie, ETV