Expanding horizons for businesses

Welcome to Big Sky.

We provide corporate training, focusing on;

  • Targeted training on six key business skills that guarantee success
  • Helps you capitalise on your core strengths in a tough marketplace
  • Delivered by expert practitioners armed with current best practice

When the landscape is constantly changing, only those with the ability to adapt will thrive. Big Sky's distinctive training is designed to strengthen and sharpen six core business skills that can get you through even the most hostile environment - towards a wider, brighter, breath-taking horizon.

When times are tough it takes everything you've got just to keep up, just to survive. By strengthening your core business competencies we'll help you see your marketplace with new eyes and make the most of where you are right now.

Ever picked your way through dense forest or driven along a narrow mountain pass? You turn a corner, suddenly the darkness falls away and the sky just opens up in front of you. Big Sky delivers training that gives you the same sense of liberation, exhilaration and optimism.

Reclaim your horizons with Big Sky.

Training that explores you

If you're simply following the road ahead, the chances are someone got there before you. That's why Big Sky carves out a new and unique learning path for you. We work to understand you, we question, we listen, we find out where you are and where you'd rather be. Your business and your people are unique, so why isn't your training programme unique yet?

Coaching that focuses you

During periods of extreme cold, the human body survives by diverting blood supply to its core organs. And in tough times, smart leaders dedicate resources to the development of core business skills. The ones that truly change the way people work together, improving communication, increasing motivation, enhancing confidence and driving performance:

Expertise that surprises you

Our coaches are experts. Not dusty experts with piles of books behind them but busy, hands-on experts who are still working at the coalface with businesses every day. Experts who will show you today's best practice not yesterday's. Vibrant, motivational experts with a big sense of humour and an ability to communicate so you feel and enjoy and remember what you're learning. Experts with experience, anecdotes and case studies that will make you say "I see!" like no other training course ever did.